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My sickness…updated

So, I have had something since Friday. I spent the entire weekend in bed, except for a quick stint at Panera to get soup. I called out of work yesterday and decided to go to the doctor. I have no voice, and I have been coughing up lungs (I didn’t know I had that many). Well, I was diagnosed with acute bronchitis. I have been given meds that haven’t started working yet. And last night, the ick went into my ear and it was so painful…to point where I was crying and I called my mom. 

Yes…I am 30 years old and all I wanted last night was my mommy to make me better. 

Well, now on top of whatever this is that I have, NOW allergies are being thrown on top. I want to scratch my eyes out and I am sneezing like every two seconds.

Can I get break?


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#get down with the sickness
  1. vinomeg said: Oh no! I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well. Get better soon!
  2. whatswithtodaytoday said: Long distance hug, buddy. Feel better.
  3. curtncurly said: hey man, no shame in calling Mom. Hope you feel better soon!
  4. indieless said: that really sucks. Feel better!
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